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A big cave

A big cave is located in the southern part of the tourist route Sigulda-Krimulda-Turaida, on the slope of the 15-meter cliff. It is located approximately three kilometers from Sigulda bridge, on the banks of Gauja right inside the famous national Park "Gauja". Big cave is a historical and natural monument of Latvia and subject to state protection.

The length of the Big devil's cave is 35 meters, width over 7 meters, and a height of 5 meters. The entrance to the cave lies on the 8-meter height. Go down to the cave and to climb it is strictly prohibited. But next to it is the suspended pedestrian bridge, from which it is perfectly visible. And on the opposite Bank of the Gauja river is home to a viewing platform from which you can also see the famous cave.

To get to the cave on the walking trails, as on the right and on the left Bank of the river Gauja. In the 90th years of the XX century inside the cave and around it was organized by the archaeological excavations, she made the accumulated leaves, twigs and debris.

There is a local legend that one night the devil paid Udai place in the borough of pabaži. For whatever circumstances and reasons, hell stay on the road. When the dawn came and the first rooster announced the beginning of a new day, the devil was very scared. He rushed to the nearest cave and hide in it to sunlight destroyed him. All day he teased and scared the people passing by, and foul breath fogged the hell cave walls, which were black, like soot.

Saying Adam Jakubowski is a murderer of Turaida Rose, and his friend Peteris Scurities deserted from the Polish army and hid in a Big Damn cave. This legend, like many other legends of Latvia, captured and told the world Herman Berkowitz.

Interestingly, caves with the same name in Latvia at least three: cave in Sigulda the Gauja river (in question), in the valley of the Abava river (near the complex "Plosti") and the river Salaca river at the Mazsalaca.

And it's very simply explained. In ancient times people were sure that evil spirits dwell under the earth, and the output is selected through the caves and grottos. There is another belief. For pagan rituals has always used caves. Do not forget about romantic dates, also held in these places. However, it is always the visits were joyful. It is worth remembering the sad story of the rose of Turaida.