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Ventspils castle

Ventspils castle is the oldest fortress in Latvia, for 800 years, this castle stands on the banks of the river Venta. And it is not only the oldest fortress of the country, but also medieval prison, surviving in such excellent form. The first mention of the Ventspils castle in historical records refers to 1290. The same year and is considered the founding year of the city of Ventspils, which was formed around the castle.

All the buildings of the castle were built in the 14th century. They formed a complex of buildings with an inner courtyard. Save the document, 1442, which States that in the Ventspils castle there are 7 knights and weapons, designed for 32 people, 6 weapons and others weapons. During this period, Ventspils into the list of the trading cities of the Hanseatic League. As the fortress was near a major sea route, the castle tower used as a lighthouse.

In the Ventspils castle was a lot of long underground tunnels, which would be used as a refuge in case of danger. One of such moves came out on the right Bank of the Venta, in the woods. In our days, in the place where ended the course, there is a huge boulder. This place is a legend that the daughter of the managing of the castle fell in love with a simple fisherman. Her father, of course, was against this love, and more than once she'd rather give his daughter hell, than the fisherman. And then, one night, the daughter and father are arguing again, and at midnight, as soon as the Manager reiterated this phrase, up jumped the devil and took the girl. The old man then had a stroke, and the devil dragged the beauty of the underground course.

As soon as they got to the stone, to which was attached a mechanism, the devil picked up a rock and climbed out. At that time, when she crawled through the passage, the mechanism suddenly broke and the stone fell, pridemov the girl hands. Did not try as hell to release e, nothing worked. With cocks, hell disappeared, and she remained in this place to die from grief and cold. Since then, at midnight, here are heard the groans - it's the steward's daughter calls her beloved fisherman ...

In 1832 the hem to the end of the restructuring Ventspils castle, this time it became the County jail. Also, during this period, was built administrative building and housing for single cameras. The prison existed in the castle until 1959. Then on its territory was the base edge part of the Soviet Union.

Restoration work on the castle was carried out in 1977, during this time, upgraded facade Ventspils castle, and have arranged the territory. On the castle tower, was placed a weather vane. Were also conducted extensive research on the castle grounds, the result of which were found fragments of unique frescoes 15-17 centuries.

Carried out repair-restoration work returned the castle to his previous form, now Ventspils castle looks exactly the same as in the 19th century. Now here is the Museum of Ventspils which is a must to visit. Presents the composition of the history of the castle and the city developed with the help of computer technology is the most modern in the Baltic States. For example, in the downstairs "cellar ghosts", you will see the passing of the black pig, in the exhibition called "prison" will be heard the groans of the prisoners. The courtyard of the castle often hosts various events, theatrical performances, additionally, You will be able to shoot a real bow.