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VÄ“rmanes garden

The oldest Park in the territory of Riga is vērmanes garden was inaugurated in 1817. Initially its area was 0.8 ha, now it covers an area of about 5 hectares. Vērmanes Park was built on the money of the widow Anna Gertrude Verman.

Up to 1813 on the site of the present Park was a quagmire, which caused local residents a lot of inconvenience. The Governor-General of Livland province and the town Governor of Riga Marquis Philip Osipovich Paulucci began to plan the creation of this garden on samples of European urban Park systems. The Fund was established, which has made donations to create the Park. The widow of Verman made a huge amount more than anyone else, so subsequently it was decided to name the Park in honor of the generous daritelnitsy.

In 1833, in vērmanes garden was opened "the School of mineral waters", which sold artificial mineral water. This restaurant gained instant popularity as Caucasus mineral springs at that time was not yet finalized, and before the German had a long commute. Initially, water was released to everyone, however, soon began selling Verman bottle of mineral water. The building, which houses the school of mineral waters in 1863, was designed by architect Ludwig Bonstedt. Later it was rebuilt several times. In Soviet times, the sale of mineral waters ceased, and the building was opened cinema, pharmaceutical warehouses, a kindergarten and a house of pioneers.

In 1869, was installed in the Park hourglass and zinc fountain made in Berlin. After the death of Anna Verman in 1829, at the Park in her honor was erected a granite obelisk, which was demolished during the Second world war. Then vērmanes garden was renamed the Park named after Kirov. The historical name of the Park back in 1991. In 1998, the Riga city Council passed the vērmanes garden in the lease for 25 years "Musical center of Raymond Pauls Vernissage.

The monument to A. Verman returned to the Park in 2000. There is also a monument to the collector of Latvian folklore Krisjanis Barons, extravagant Latvian painter and graphic kārlis Padegs. In addition. The Park is decorated with stone lions and a fountain. In the dark in germanskom Park lanterns, transforming it into a magical world.

The Park has a wooden bandstand, the day is a meeting place for chess lovers, and during the holidays, concerts are held here. To eat within the Park is a tea house, and in the evening you can go to a night club. In the building that once housed the restaurant is now a music center composer Raymond Pauls Vernissage.

Many plants located on the territory of the Park you will not be able to find in Latvia, as they have collected rare species of plants. Huge trees create a harmonious, pleasing composition. VÄ“rmanes garden is very beautiful and well maintained, this is a great place for walks and all kinds of events and celebrations.