/ / Holiday complex and the Botanical garden of Kristaps Morbergs

Holiday complex and the Botanical garden of Kristaps Morbergs

One of the most beautiful attractions of the city jūrmala is a holiday complex and Botanic garden of Kristaps Morbergs. This monument is located in Dzintari. It was established in 1883. Holiday complex represents an example of neo-Gothic wooden architecture.

The owner of the garden was the largest Latvian Builder, the famous architect and a famous patron Kristaps Morberg, who made their fortune in the construction of the Boulevard ring in Riga.

The appearance of the garden is a stunner. It is an architectural masterpiece with magnificent stained glass Windows, porches and crenellated towers with weathercocks. What is surprising is that on almost nobody know nothing. This is because it is located outside the vibrant Jomas street, where rests most of the tourists. In Soviet times, the building reserved "under the wing" of the state, was the sanatorium of a name bitter and in the old cellar was located popular at the time, "Oil-bar". Currently the on-site bar built an impressive fence of brick.

Kristaps Morberg bequeathed to his country home to the Latvian University. So here began a large-scale restoration activities. By the state and EU funds for the revival of monuments of architecture has been invested about 3 million USD. Not so long ago holiday complex was restored. The main building of cottages, a small porter's Lodge and stylized like a castle cellar has acquired almost its original appearance and very beautiful. Managed to restore the historical layout of tracks in the garden, which seemed hopelessly lost.

Now for a nominal donation, anyone can see the elegant building of cottages of Marberg and its surrounding Park. Customers who are interested in the identity of the famous millionaire, history and architecture of the building, will be able to learn about these interesting facts on the tour. It is held by the students of the University of Latvia.

Kristaps Morberg bequeathed to the Fund of the University of Latvia Jurmala not only their giving, but 9 of apartment buildings in Riga that the proceeds went to support students. Here was created a wonderful Botanical garden with exotic plants. Many of them are grown and still. Taking care of their own greenhouse for Morberg favorite thing to do. And in the cellar he was growing mushrooms. Later the cellar was converted in the famous balsam bar. And yet there was a wine cellar and a stable.

Kristaps Morberg he designed his country house. He loved to experiment and implement their own ideas to create a home environment. Well, for example, inside the house the walls were decorated with iron, so heat is retained longer. A drainpipe from the roof was lowered directly into the basement, where rain water gathered in a special reservoir for watering your favorite plants. The rooms still you can see the old Wallpaper, some of which are drawn by hand. The ceiling in the living room decorated with narrative painting. Fine tiled stoves and stained-glass Windows in the wall are true work of art.

Of most interest to visitors is the identity Kristaps Morbergs. After all, his vast fortune, the millionaire gave the University of Latvia on the establishment of a scholarship in its name for gifted students.

In Jurmala there are countless monuments, but, without a doubt, this pearl of the sea out of the competition!