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Neumünster Abbey: photos, description (neumünster Abbey)

Among the many attractions of Luxembourg city special attention, perhaps, deserves the ancient neumünster Abbey, which today houses the cultural center. The Abbey is in the heart of Luxembourg, in the district of Grund and this is one of the favorite places for meetings and leisure activities of local residents. Neumünster is an important historical and architectural monument.

Neumünster Abbey was built by monks of the order of St. Benedict in the distant 1606, after which was located on a plateau Altmunster ancient monastery of the Benedictines was destroyed. In 1684, as the result of a strong fire the original neumünster was thoroughly damaged, but four years later the Abbey was restored, and in 1720 and significantly expand.

After the French revolution (1789-1799) in Luxembourg was dominated by the French, who established the Abbey police station and jail. Replaced them after the overthrow of Napoleon in 1815, the Prussians used the Abbey as a barracks for their soldiers. In 1867, after the signing of the so-called the Treaty of London, Luxembourg received the "eternal neutrality" and the old Abbey was used as a state prison of the Luxembourg. As a prison mainly for political prisoners), the Abbey was used by the Germans during the occupation of Luxembourg during world war II. Since 1997, the Abbey became home to the European Institute of cultural routes.

In may 2004 after a complete overhaul of the Abbey neumünster was opened to the public as a Cultural center and now here are regularly held various exhibitions, seminars, concerts and other cultural events.