/ / American cemetery: photos, description Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial)

American cemetery: photos, description Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial)

Among the iconic places of the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its surroundings, which are definitely worth a visit, perhaps it is worth noting the American memorial cemetery located 2.5 km South-West from the international airport of Luxembourg-Findel in the Eastern part of Luxembourg city quarter in Hamburg. This place can hardly be called a landmark, is more of a "live" reminder of the fact that it is impossible to change the past, it can only try not to repeat, and the price of any war - thousands of lives, thousands of broken lives...

American cemetery appeared in Luxembourg in late December 1944, as a temporary burial of American soldiers killed in one of the decisive battles of the Second world war's legendary battle of the bulge. In 1946 it was decided to bring the cemetery in order and to turn it into a war memorial. Subsequently, part of the remains were sent to their historic homeland, but added a new burial, transported from military cemeteries in France and Belgium. In 1951, between the United States and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was signed the Treaty by which this land was officially handed over in perpetuity and at no charge USA. Grand opening American cemetery and memorial took place on 4 July 1960.

Today, the American memorial cemetery is a huge, surrounded by forest, the emerald field with rows of simple white gravestones in the form of crosses, are found among them, however, and tombstones topped with the star of David as a tribute to the religious beliefs of the deceased. Near the entrance stands the white stone chapel. The total number of burials is - 5076.

American cemetery Luxembourg became the final resting place of legendary American General George Smith Patton Jr., who died in a car crash after the end of world war II.