/ / Grand theatre of Luxembourg, (Grand Theatre de Luxembourg)

Grand theatre of Luxembourg, (Grand Theatre de Luxembourg)

The first municipal theatre of Luxembourg was opened in 1869 in the old monastery of the Capuchins, for a long time it was the only theatre in the city. By the end of 1958 a decision was made to build a new spacious building for the theater, and the city government of Luxembourg announced a competition for the best project, the winner of which was a famous Parisian architect Alain Bourbonne. Construction began in autumn 1959 and in April 1964, the Grand opening of the New theatre of Luxembourg. Subsequently, it was renamed the municipal theatre of Luxembourg, and in 2003 received its current name - the Grand theatre of Luxembourg.

Over time it became obvious the necessity of modernization of the building in accordance with existing regulations and requirements for such facilities, including from the point of view of security. Work on the harmonization of technical characteristics of the building to established standards and equipping it with modern equipment was led by superior German experts - Kurt Gerling and Werner Arendt. The architectural appearance of the original building remained unchanged.

Today the Grand theatre of Luxembourg is considered one of the best theatres of Europe, and his program is known for the variety - it's an Opera, various theater and dance productions, concerts, festivals, etc. In recent years, the theatre actively collaborates with the English National Opera, London's Barbican centre, the National theatre of great Britain, the German theatre, the theatre Royal de La Monnaie (Brussels), The Wooster Group (new York) and Comic Opera (Paris). 've toured the Grand theatre of Luxembourg Netherlands dance theatre and the groups of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Michael Clarke.

Twice, in 1973 and 1984, the theatre has welcomed popular international song contest - the Eurovision song contest, and in 2007 at the Bolshoi theatre premiere of the famous Opera by Jonathan Harvey - "the Dream of Wagner."