/ / The Grand Ducal Palace: photos, description (Grand Ducal Palace)

The Grand Ducal Palace: photos, description (Grand Ducal Palace)

The Grand Ducal Palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in Luxembourg city. Here is most of the public meetings, audiences and receptions.

Over its long history, the original building Dating back to 1572 and was used originally as the town hall, has undergone dramatic changes and repeatedly changed their masters. The first large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 1728, and in 1741 the building was thoroughly expanded. In 1795, following the occupation of Luxembourg by the French, in the city hall house the administration of the Department of fauré.

In 1817, the Palace became the residence of the Governor - Governor of orange dynasty (the Royal dynasty of the Netherlands), under control of which at that time was located in Luxembourg. In 1883, in preparation for the visit of the king of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg Willem III and his wife Emma was restored.

In 1890 Willem III died and the crown of the Netherlands passed to his daughter Wilhelmina, but since Luxembourg had acted so-called Salic law, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg became the last Duke of Nassau, Adolf. The result of the personal Union of the Netherlands and Luxembourg collapsed, and Adolf was the first in a long time, the ruler of an independent Luxembourg and chose as his permanent residence the former residence of the Governor. During the reign of Adolf in the Palace was overhauled and completed a new wing where I posted private chambers of the Duke and members of his family, as well as guest rooms. The project of the new wing was designed by architects Gideon, Bordeau and Charles Arendt.

During the German occupation, the Grand Ducal Palace was used as a tavern and place to various entertainment events, which, of course, not been without a significant piece of furniture and works of art were destroyed (and possibly partially removed from the country). In 1945, with the return from exile of Grand Duchess Charlotte, the Palace again became the seat of the Grand Dukes. Over time, the Palace was completely restored. The interior of the Palace is updated regularly in accordance with contemporary stylistic trends and standards of comfort.