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Casino Luxembourg, Casino Luxembourg)

In March 1996, in the city of Luxembourg opened its doors to the public center for contemporary art, Casino Luxembourg. Such an unusual name arts centre has received is no accident, because in this historic building, built in 1882 by the architects Pierre and Paul Funk, once housed the famous Casino Bourgeois.

It is worth noting that the Casino Bourgeois from the beginning, was not exclusively a gambling establishment. Here also there was a reading room, a luxury restaurant and several halls where balls, concerts, conferences, art exhibitions and other cultural events. It is one of the greatest pianists of the 19th century world-famous composer Franz Liszt gave his last piano recital in July 1886.

During the Second world war, when Luxembourg was occupied by the Germans, in the building of the Casino Bourgeois was located the General staff, and since 1959, the building was rented "Cultural Circle of the European Communities". In 1995, the city government of Luxembourg took the decision on creation in the old Casino Bourgeois of the center for contemporary art. A major reconstruction of the building was able to spend as much record time, and by the beginning of 1996, the work was completed.

In addition to various exhibitions, where visitors can get acquainted with the latest trends in contemporary art in all its diversity, the Casino Bourgeois regularly conducted, thematic lectures and seminars, and entertaining educational programs for schoolchildren. There is a Casino and an excellent library known as the "Infolab". In the reading room of the library available to the public about 7000 publications on the history of art (since 1960), 50 portfolio Luxembourg artists, as well as an impressive selection of international periodicals on contemporary art and culture.