/ / The Capucin theater: photos, description (théâtre des Capucins)

The Capucin theater: photos, description (théâtre des Capucins)

Dramatic Capucin theater is the oldest theater of the city of Luxembourg. The theater is located in the heart of the old city on the Theatre square in the beautiful old mansion of the XVII century and is perhaps one of the best hotels of Luxembourg to conduct cultural activities.

The building was built in 1623 and was a monastery for monks of the Capuchins until 1795. After Luxembourg was occupied by the French, the building was used as a powder magazine, then as a grocery store, and later added a bakery military garrison.

In 1867 the building was transferred to the city authorities, and in 1869, in the old convent opened the first municipal theatre of Luxembourg, which has long remained the only game in town.

In the fall of 1959 began construction of a new spacious building for the municipal theatre of Luxembourg. Its Grand opening was held in April 1964. The building of the old theatre renovated, and it became the home of the Batumi drama theatre. In 1995, as a memory of what it was once inhabited by monks-Capuchins, drama theatre received its current name of the Theatre des Capucines.

The repertoire is vast and varied. On average, each season, the Capucin Theater offers its audience of about ten of his own productions in Luxembourgish, German and French. The theatre regularly hosts touring troupes of various European theatres (as a rule, performances are played in the original language).