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The Millennium Cross

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In 2002, when it was exactly 2 thousand years since the Baptism of Macedonia and the whole country celebrated on a large scale, on top of Kristover the Vodno mountain located above the town of Skopje, was built majestic monument - a Cross with a height of 66 meters, making it the largest crucifix, not only in Europe but around the world. It was called the Millennium Cross. It is visible from a distance of 30 km. at Night it is illuminated with bright lights, standing out against the dark sky. As the Cross is visible from any point of the city, it also serves as a good landmark for tourists.

The construction of the monument was made possible with the financial support of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and the government. Donations were received from individuals. as architects invited Oliver Petrovsky and Jovan Stefan-Jean. The cross installed in place of the previous monument, not only of more modest dimensions. In 2008, during one of the state monuments were inaugurated lift built into the design of the Millennium cross. Since then, he lifts everyone to the observation deck situated on top. From there you have a breathtaking panorama of the city.

Before to the foot of the Millennium cross, had to climb on foot, but in 2011 it leads to a cable car. Her project was prepared by the Ministry of transport and communications and the design center "Inpuma". The construction of the funicular started in 2010. From the glass cabins of the cable car you can see the whole Skopje, at a glance.