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The Skopje Fortress

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The Skopje fortress rises on a rocky hill, dominating over the Northern part of Skopje. In tourist literature one can find her second name - Skopie Calais. The word "Kale" is Turkish origin and means "rock."

The first fortifications on the site of the present fortress appeared in the VI century during the Byzantine times. However, archaeologists claim that these places were inhabited much earlier. In a well-fortified fortress of Skopie Kale has become in X—XI century. The only time in the history of the citadel it almost leveled the uprising of Peter Delyana. After the occupation of Skopje by the Ottomans in 1391, the castle was restored. In 1660, a Turkish traveler, Evlia çelebi, who visited Skopje, said the local fortress as one of the most powerful strongholds in the Balkans. After the Austro-Turkish war in 1700 the castle over Skopje was enlarged. During the First world war it again properly perform its functions: it housed the Austro-Hungarian headquarters. In the interwar period there were military warehouses and the control of one of the army units.

Since 1951, fortress is not a military object and was turned into a recreation area. The fortress has a picturesque Park, where often hold various cultural events: concerts, theatrical performances, etc. of construction of the fortress are in poor condition after the earthquake of 1963. City officials plan eventually to restore them and turn it into a Museum. Meanwhile, in the fortress archaeologists working already made a lot of discoveries. So, here were found the remains of a Christian Church of the XIII century.