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Stone bridge

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One of the symbols of Skopje is the old Stone bridge connecting the Old and New town. In fact, in Skopje, across the Vardar river is spanned by 9 bridges, but Stone bridge is located right in the historical centre, two steps away from major local attractions. In the New town right at the bridge is a huge area of Macedonia. On the other side to the river is the Old Charshia, here called the Bazaar.

There are two versions explaining the origin of the bridge. According to one of them, which, incidentally, is confirmed by archaeological research, the bridge was built in the VI century, that is during the reign of Emperor Justinian I, after the devastating earthquake of 518. According to the second version, which is also arguable, due to some historical documents, the Stone bridge was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II in the second half of the XV century. For centuries the bridge several times been damaged, requiring repair. In 1555, in Skopje earthquake, which was destroyed by 4 stone pillars of the bridge. After the restoration of this building the bridge saw the famous traveler, Awlia Chalabi, who left notes about his trip. It says that on the bridge there was a marble plaque, on which was written: "When the people saw the restored Stone bridge, they said, was better than it was before." In 1895 to 1897 year, the Vardar river a few times left the banks, flooding the embankments. High water damaged the bridge. In 1944, the Stone bridge almost got blown up from the actions of the Nazis. The last major reconstruction of the bridge took place in 1992.

Pedestrian Stone bridge is very loved by tourists, as it is a place of miracles. For this you need to walk to the middle of the bridge and making a wish, throw a coin into the water. However, the bridge only helps good people with pure intentions.