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National Park Mavrovo

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Mavrovo national Park in Western Macedonia, which covers an area 73088 hectares and is the largest of the three reserves of this country. Under the state's protection of its territory was taken in 1949.

On the borders of the Park are the mountain ranges Korab, Deshat, South-Western spurs of the Globe, a large part of the ridges of the Bistra and the Northern extremity Krtina. There are over 52 mountain peaks over 2 thousand meters. The most famous Bistra, Oliver, Cantacts etc. In Mavrovsko national Park is the highest mountain of Macedonia - Korab (2764 m above sea level). The presence of very steep peaks, suitable for downhill skiing, led to the development of ski tourism in the region. For lovers of winter sports in the natural Park built a popular base, "Zare Lazarevski". The lowest point of Mavrovo national Park is at 600 metres. It is located in the place where the Small river flows into the river radika.

In the Central part of the reserve is the valley of the river radika. On this river, on the territory of the reserve is Mavrovsko and beautiful artificial lake.

The diverse landscapes of the Park: here you will find gorges, waterfalls, karst fields, hollows, caves, cirques, glacial lakes, etc. part of the reserve is mountainous beech forest.

The result of the diversity of the terrain the reserve is home to a variety of colors. Botany has here to 1,000 species of plants. About 60 of them are endemic, ie found only here, relict or rare species.

The Park has 11 species of amphibians, 12 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals.