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The Museum of Macedonia in Skopje was established by combining three museums: the archaeological, historical and ethnological. The archaeological Museum opened earlier than others - in 1924. This year is considered to be the date of establishment of the National Museum of Macedonia. During the existence of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, the Museum was known as folk Museum of Macedonia.

The Museum is located in the Old Charshia (Bazaar), near the local fortress. Its area is 10 thousand sq. m., of which 6 thousand sq. m. are reserved for the permanent and temporary exhibitions. Part of the Museum included a caravanserai Kurshumli An historical monument built in the XVI century. Now it is an exhibition of stone sculptures. In addition, the Museum has branches in the cities of Resen, Kocani, Valandovo and in the villages Bitushe, Galicnik and Mountain Vranovci.

Museum of Macedonia can be divided into thematic sections: anthropological, archaeological, ethnological, historical, art history. The archaeological collection consists of artifacts Dating from the period from the Neolithic to the middle Ages. These items were found during excavations in the ancient towns and the necropolises of the ancient country. Historical collection of the Museum tells about beliefs, politics, and culture of Macedonia from Ottoman rule and until the end of the second world war. The ethnological Department devoted to folk architecture, customs and crafts. Here you can see the old costumes, decorated with embroidery, jewelry, musical instruments, household items, carpets, etc.