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Church. Demetrius

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Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius was built in Bitola on the site of the old chapel in just 4 months. This happened in 1830. It is considered, although this and there is no written evidence that the Church was built by the family Resovich. Saying that the Turkish authorities allowed the construction of this temple only if he won't tower over the neighboring mosques. Therefore, its creators found an interesting solution: they are about a meter "drowned" the Church in the earth. The bell tower of the Cathedral of St Demetrius appeared in 1936. Funds for its construction were donated by local merchants.

The Church is a three-nave Basilica with side galleries. Its area is 650 sq m. the second floor Gallery supported by a colonnade. The balcony gallery is located at the middle of the nave and surmounted by a canopy. The arches of the aisles is flat.

Over the carved gilded iconostasis was worked by an unknown master. Some icons of the local iconostasis and the icon of Jesus Christ and the festive "Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin", "Baptism of Christ", "Entrance into Jerusalem", "Crucifixion", "Pentecost" and "the Conviction of Thomas" dated about the year 1730, says David Selenica. They are now kept in the Museum of Macedonia in Skopje. On the iconostasis are preserved icons painted in 1842, Michael Anagnostou and his son Nikolai Mikhailov.

The temple is illuminated with beautiful glass chandeliers.

In 2005, the temple has been unknown up to this point the fresco depicting Jesus Christ. It is located in the Central part of the arch of the temple, which for over a century, covered in soot from burning candles.