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Borovskoe lake

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Artificial Borovskoe, or it is called Raevskoe lake, is located in Maleshevska region, near the village Ratevo, near the town of Berovo. The lake is located on the river Bregalnica is the second longest in Macedonia. The town of Bregovo from lake shared by only 7 km. From the fact that the lake is situated at an altitude of 986 m above sea level, the air temperature in the summer average here is around 23-25 degrees Celsius. At night it drops to 12 degrees.

Borovskoe lake appeared in 1970, when it was built the 60-metre high dam on the river Bregalnica in the area Lenakot in the mountains Malisheva. The lake was created to ensure an adequate supply of drinking water in nearby settlements, including the towns of Berovo and Pehcevo. The lake, half a kilometer wide stretched to 2.5 km. its surface Area is 0.75 sq. km.

Thanks to the pleasant location, close to the big city of Berovo, as well as beautiful nature on the shores of lake Raevskogo was erected number of tourism facilities. Among the largest of the local places of tourist complex "Maleshevo" the hotel "Monastery" for 40 people, a small but cozy hotel "Hunting house" for a dozen, which is located in the village of Iovec. In small tourist towns Albanica and suvi Laki offers holiday homes and private villas.

The lake is ideal for swimming and boating. Best water warms up in July and August. Tourists who prefer Hiking, you can explore the surroundings of the lake. Especially for them, laid five interesting routes. The road winds between the pines, but never takes away from the water. If physical training, you can rise to the height of 1400 meters to the farm "Klepalo", where travelers enjoy a traditional Macedonian dishes prepared from organic products.