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Lake Prespa

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Lake Prespa is the second in popularity among tourists fresh reservoir of Macedonia. First place in this ranking surely is lake Ohrid. Lake Prespa is situated on the border of Macedonia, Albania and Greece, so these countries have access to the pond. Macedonia owns most of the lake, which is about 190 sq km of water surface.

Prespa, as well as the neighboring lake Ohrid, it was formed several million years ago. Two basins separated by a space of 10 km, which is mountainous. Now there was founded the national Park galicica. Lake Prespa is situated slightly above the Ohrid lake, so part of its water goes on karst voids in Ohrid.

The area around the lake is absolutely safe: the three States holding them, have agreed on the joint protection of this natural object.

The area off the coast Prespan lake known as PRSA. Its administrative center is the city Resen. In addition, there are several resorts: Oteshevo, Kranj, Pretor, Asamati, Stenje and others.

On the lake there are two Islands. One Golem Grad is located in Macedonia. The second island called Small Castle is in Albania. Golem Grad turned into a nature reserve. Due to its unique geomorphological structure, rich flora and fauna, and historic monuments. It rises 30 meters above the lake's surface. Its length is 750 meters and a width of 450 metres. The main attraction of the island is the remains of the old monastery of St. Peter. Every year the island is visited by an archaeological expedition seeking to detect evidence of early Christian culture in these places.