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The Area Magnolia

Photos and description

Magnolia square is located in the centre of Bitola. It departs from main town Shirok Sokak, where the most popular shops and restaurants.

Around the square are the old Magnolia house great samples of Macedonian and Ottoman architecture, it is known that in Bitola a while was a great cultural centre of the Ottoman Empire. Now these houses are located the offices of various companies and cafes. On the square you can see the art gallery "Boutiques" and interesting, newly constructed building called the "Glass building."

The main decoration of the square is considered to be the Clock tower, which appeared in the first half of the nineteenth century. It is decorated with a clock, which gave the city the German command during the Second world war. The tower is located in the centre of the small Park, which is always crowded. At the end of the square stands the Church of St. Demetrius, built in 1830.

The city of Bitola and the government of the Republic of Macedonia have jointly established the center of the square Magnolia equestrian monument of Philip II Macedonian, the founder of the ancient city of Heraclea, Lyncestis, the ruins of which are on the outskirts of Bitola. The height of the monument is 8,5 meters. Located near the fountain in the form of 16-the ultimate Virgin of the star which is the symbol of Macedonia. Around it are benches to rest.

In the New year, the area Magnolia is transformed into a place of mass festivals. Here you set the scene where all night are popular artists.