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The Opera and ballet theatre

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The Macedonian Opera and ballet is the oldest theatre in the country. Opera and ballet troupe was founded on the basis of the Macedonian national theatre on which stage in 1947 and hosted the first Opera performance in Skopje. Staged an Opera "rural honour". It was a resounding success. Two years after that, the theatergoers gathered for the premiere of the ballet "Walpurgis night". Until 2004, the Macedonian national theatre was the home of three companies: in addition to Opera and ballet, it also worked with the drama troupe. Then the Opera and ballet artists have moved into the new theatre - the Macedonian Opera and ballet.

In 1963, Skopje was a strong earthquake, after which the ruins was a large part of the city. Injured and the building of the Macedonian national theatre. Temporarily representation began to organize theater center. In the 1980's, the troupe moved into the building recently built theatre. After 2004 the actors involved in the drama productions moved into the new room, and Opera and ballet companies left in the usual theatre.

The building of the theatre bizarre on the embankment of the river Vardar, which is impossible to miss while walking around the city, was built in 1979 by a group of Slovenian architects from the company "Bureau of 77", which included Stefan Ittahkazin, Yuri princes, Marian Uršič and Bogdan Splinder. Their project won the creative competition, held in 1968. Impressive spacious building with white facades and interiors in white, which is the theater of Opera and ballet, is part of the architectural complex. In other buildings, included in its composition, is the school of music, Commercial investment Bank, the Philharmonic hall and many shops. On the square in front of the theater is a Parking lot for 300 cars.