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Lake Ohrid

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Lake Ohrid is under UNESCO protection, divide the two countries: Macedonia and Albania. This reservoir was formed one of the first in the Balkans. Water filled the basin of tectonic origin in the earth's crust, formed in the era of the Pliocene, about 5 million years ago. Such are the origin of several bodies of water on Earth, for example, lake Baikal. According to scientists, the lake there are on average about 100 thousand years, and after silting and clogged with debris. Lake Ohrid have already crossed this milestone.

In ancient times the lake was called Linited. To overestimate its importance for the region is difficult: it is home to some 200 endemic species of fish, marine animals and plants. Moreover, the existence of some endemic species would not have been possible without the other. So, fish that are found only here, eat completely unique types of zooplankton.

The lake is fed not so much the rivers that flow into it, how many underground springs. Under the Ohrid lake and Prespa nearby body of water are karst cavities. Quite a lot of water seeps from the lake and Prespa flows into lake Ohrid.

In the lake you can swim. In summer the water warms up to 21 degrees Celsius. On the South and North shores of lake Ohrid built numerous tourist bases, host campers. Here you can rent a boat or a yacht to explore the less accessible shores of the lake with water.

In the vicinity of Ohrid lake offers many natural and architectural attractions: the old Samuil's fortress, the reserve Galichitsa cave temple, consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas.