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National Park galicica

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Galicica national Park, named after one of the peaks, which is present in its territory, located on a plot of more than 22 thousand hectares, between the two reservoirs Macedonian Prespa and Ohrid lake.

The reserve is famous for its magnificent nature. Here there are about thousands of species of plants, 12 of which are endemic. Throughout the Park also offers Hiking paths for Cycling and Hiking. You can safely explore the national Park, not fearing to stay alone in the wilderness away from people. Tourists always feed and provide shelter in one of the 18 villages, which were within the boundaries of the natural Park galicica, founded in 1958. Six years earlier, the future reserve has already had the status of protected area. Through the mountain range galičica is a road that connects Ohrid lake Prespa valley. Once at the highest point of this road, you can see two of the picturesque lake.

In addition to natural attractions, the Park galicica there are also historical objects that will be of interest to travelers. These include the Basilica of St. George, the Church of the blessed virgin Mary Peschanski Suhumskoy, cave Church of St. Stephen and the blessed virgin Peschanski, St. Naum monastery and Church of St. Peter on the island of Golem Grad in lake Prespa.

In the Park galicica there are several caves, but see no risk to life they can only cavers with good equipment. In winter, the Park has a tourist complex "Suvo box", located under mount Tomaros (1675 meters). Come here lovers of winter sports.