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The Shirok Sokak

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The Shirok Sokak, also called citizens Bitolsko the Korzo - the most lively and renowned street in the city centre. Nowadays, the street is pedestrian, but more recently it went the car. Yes and it was called differently. During the Ottoman Empire, this city highway called Sultania or Hamidiye. When the city became part of Serbia in the war of 1913, it was renamed the street of king Peter, and then, during the Communist era when Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, became known as the street of Marshal Tito. By the way, many locals were against the renaming of streets in the thoroughfare Wide Sokak. Here arranged meetings, debates on TV and in the press. Now the townspeople to get used to the new name.

In 1904, the pioneers of cinema, the brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki bought land on the Broad Sokak, where in the following year built his Studio.

In our days on the Shirok Sokak can find the oldest building in the Balkans, which decorate the city since Ottoman times. Typical Turkish homes, mostly luxury villas are not uncommon in the area. The first floors of the houses on Broad Sokak occupied by shops of famous brands, trendy cafes and restaurants, art galleries, night clubs. Here you can find even a theatre. At the end of the street is the Palace of sports "Youth", which is mainly used during competitions in basketball and handball. The street ends at a large city Park, planted with old trees, which can go to the stadium "the Cupboard Cafe", the zoo and the ancient city Herakleia Lynkestis. One of the attractions of the streets are Wide Sokak is considered to be the Catholic Church of the sacred heart of Jesus, built in the French Gothic revival style in 1909 on the site of the burned Church.