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Clock tower (Saat-Kula)

Photos and description

Saat-Kula is located in the beginning of the famous Central street Wide Sokak. The exact date of its construction is unknown. In written sources of XVI century mention a clock tower, but with confidence it is impossible to say whether it is about the building. Many historians believe that the tower Saat-Kula was built simultaneously with the Church of St. Demetrius, that is in 1830. According to urban legend, the construction of the tower was possible only after the representatives of the Ottoman authorities went to all the villages in the vicinity of Bitola and gathered about 60 thousand chicken eggs that went into cooking a special solution for walls. Of stones, covered with egg mixture, build a high tower, the walls of which if not exposed to time.

A square tower rises to a height of 30 meters. At the top of the tower there is an outdoor terrace, enclosed by wrought iron railings. Night on each side of the tower above the terrace, the LEDs covering the building itself and the clock, located just below. The original chronometer, placed on the tower, was replaced during the second world war, newer and accurate. A new clock was purchased by the Nazis as a token of appreciation to the citizens for the organization of the German cemetery, where were buried the soldiers of the Reich who died during the battle of Bitola. This cemetery side by side with the English and French cemeteries, founded during the First world war.

The clock tower is the symbol of Bitola and one of the most visited local tourist sites. It is located in the Park, where it is constantly going the company of young people, night sound play guitar. Christmas along the sidewalk and on the lawn at the tower Saat-Kula lit a candle, asking God for the health of yourself and loved ones.