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Sultan Murad

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The Sultan Murad mosque is the oldest preserved in Skopje mosque. It is sometimes called the mosque Hunkar, which translated from Turkish means Sultan mosque, or mosque of Sahat is a reference to its location. It is installed near the Clock tower, and the word "sat" in Turkish means "watch".

The mosque was built on a hill, East of Bit Pazar (the market where they sell herbs and spices) in place of the ancient monastery of St. George, which operated in Skopje before the arrival of the Ottomans. It was founded with funds provided by Sultan Murad II in 1436. The later history of the mosque you can see from the inscriptions above the entrance. One of them says that Sultan Murad was damaged by fire in 1537 and was rebuilt by Sultan Suleiman in the years 1539-1542. The second inscription reports that the mosque was burned "infidels" in 1689 when the Austrian General Johann Piccolomini burned the whole Skopje. The mosque was rebuilt in the years 1711-1712 by order of Sultan Ahmed III. From a third inscription it follows that the last renovation of the temple was made in 1912 to Sultan Mehmed V. the result of all these reconstructions of the original appearance of the mosque was changed.

Sultan Murad has the shape of a Basilica. North-Western facade attached porch supported by four stone columns with ornate capitals. In the Western corner of the structure is a thin minaret made of stone. Painting of the interior date back to the XIX century. Windows are protected by grilles with floral ornaments. In the mosque you can see paintings depicting secular and religious buildings.