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Mavrovsko lake

Photos and description

Mavrovsko lake is a reservoir formed in the valley after the construction of the Mavrovo hydroelectric power station in 1959. The lake is part of Mavrovsko national Park. It is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Its shores are overgrown with thick woods, in which is still found wild animals: lynxes, chamois, etc. From the South to the lake is adjacent to the mount Bistra, from the North - the southern slopes of the range are Resident.

The river radika, the landslide dam, flooded 1370 acres of land, mostly meadows, where the villagers grazed their cattle. Went under water and Saint Nicholas Church. Sometimes, due to the decrease of the water level in the reservoir, it appears above the surface, which causes the delight of many tourists. Also were flooded several villages. Besides the river radika, the lake is fed by several small rivers Leonskaja, Petreska, Kukacka.

The maximum lake depth is 50 meters. The deepest place in the pond can be found near the dam, which stretched for 210 metres. The width of the dam is 5 metres, and a height of 54 meters.

The water in Mavrovsko the lake is cold, so swimming here in July, when kept hot weather. But this pond is perfect for practicing water sports, sailing and catamaran sailing and fishing. The lake is stocked with trout and other fish species.

Every winter the lake freezes Mavrovsko. On its surface you can ice skate, and do that travelers who find themselves in these places.

During your visit to the lake you can stay in one of the coastal villages where we have built modern hotels.