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Mosque Yeni

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The Yeni mosque, over which leaped skyward thin, graceful minaret, located in the heart of Bitola, on the right Bank of the river Dragor, in the main town square, near the Clock tower and the Church of St. Demetrius. Its name translated from Turkish means "New mosque". Often referred to as mosque of Mehmed (Mahmoud) or Mahmud çelebi Effendi, in honor of the founder of this structure. Yeni mosque was built in 1558-1559 years by order of the judge Mahmud Efendi is the old mosque. It is a massive structure built of stone and brick, surmounted by an octagonal drum, on which rests a dome height of 19 meters. A large bridge connects the mosque, the main mosque of the city of Isaac. Next to the building is the tomb of the mystic Halil Baba.

About the mosque Yeni there are some local legends. According to one of them, the mosque also called the mosque of the Horseshoe, because its facade was left the imprint of the hoof of the horse of St. George. This is because, according to some historical sources, the mosque was built on the foundations of an ancient Christian Church of St. George.

Above the entrance to the Yeni mosque is preserved a marble slab with an inscription in Ottoman Turkish language, where it is reported about the reconstruction of the building in 1890-1891. Repair of the structure did master Paul Ristic of Smilevo.

The mosque was used until 1943. In 1950, the cemetery and various outbuildings near the Yeni mosque was destroyed. Instead, they pitched a small square with a fountain. In 1957 the building was declared a cultural monument. Now features an art gallery, where the exhibited modern graphics. Art works contrast with the original finish of the walls. The former prayer hall of the mosque lined with blue tiles with ornament.