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Lake doirani

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Slightly elongated lake doirani is situated on the border of Macedonia and Greece, at the foot of the mountain range Bjelasica. High peaks reflected in the calm waters, creating the beautiful landscape. The length of the third largest reservoir of Macedonia is 9 meters width - 7 meters. On the lake side of Macedonia there are several settlements where you can stay during trip to the lake.

Visit lake doirani, formed in ancient times as a result of volcanic eruptions and shifts in the earth's crust, is at least in order to see the unique reserve Water forest "Muria". Come here lovers of health tourism. The fact is that along the shore at lake Dojransko discovered several healing springs. Some springs are hitting directly in the lake, saturating the coastal waters with minerals. They say that swimming in the lake, helps at rheumatism, skin diseases, diseases of the respiratory apparatus. Representatives of the tourism business could not pay attention to the unceasing flow of tourists to Dojranskoto the lake. On its banks was built several resorts that offer comfortable conditions for rest.

Come here and fishing. Lake doirani is famous for its variety of wildlife. In this pond, found 16 species of fish. Herodotus mentioned that the fish here so much that she jumps into the buckets of fishermen. Once on Dojransko the lake, you can witness an unusual way of catching fish. Some locals prefer to take with you on fishing not fishing rods, and tamed cormorants that catch fish.