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Zoo Skopje was founded in 1926 just three enthusiasts, one of whom was Dr. Stanko Karaman. They found a plot of land, which now houses the zoo, the Macedonian capital. In those days, a space dedicated to their needs, was small and amounted to only 4 hectares. In our days the territory of the zoo expanded to 12 hectares. The first inhabitants of the zoo were only a few animals belonging to the founders of this institution. Now it contains 503 the representative of fauna, 261 of bird, 36 species, 230 of mammals, 42 species and 16 reptiles, 8 species. Reptile built a separate pavilion.

The expansion and improvement of the zoo occurred after several scandals, which brought wider public in the local press. In the city there were rumors that the animals at the local zoo are kept in appalling conditions and do not last long. The last straw was the death of the elephant, brought from the zoo of Belgrade.

In 2008, the zoo began a large-scale reconstruction. Here was the paved paths suitable established lawns, where you can see rabbits, roosters and peacocks, as well as 18 built cages and put in order most of the old. Zoo Skopje began to cooperate with the European Association of zoos and aquariums, which experts have helped to improve conditions for the animals. The Macedonian government also plans to build there the pavilions for giraffes and elephants, as well as to create a house for chimpanzees. A few years ago was taken out to another zoo chimp Coco, who was bored alone. Now it is possible to return home.