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The monastery of St. Panteleimon in Nerezi

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Medieval Orthodox monastery of St. Panteleimon is located above the Mountain village of Nerezi near Skopje. From the hill where the monastery is visible to the sprawling Macedonian capital. The Holy monastery of Saint Panteleimon, with the homonymous Church is a part of the Byzantine heritage in the region. The monastery was founded around the Church of St. Panteleimon, built in 1164. Now it belongs to the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

The temple was erected by order of the Imperial Governor and grandson of Alexius Comnenus. The Church was built in Byzantine style, but in its design you can see the typical Balkan architectural elements. The square Church, built of stone, ochre and brick, decorated with five domes. The Central dome is supported by big polygonal superstructure and far exceeds in size other domes. In the apse of the Church and on the side facades created trifari triple window. The harmonious proportions of the building give the interior a monumental, despite the small size of the temple.

In the Church are preserved frescoes from the reign of Komnenich. Probably, the founder of the Church Alexey Komnin invited for painting the Church a group of craftsmen from the Byzantine Empire. The artists have created amazing beauty of the murals, which are characterized by smooth transitions instead of sharp lines and dynamics and naturalness in the image of people. In the XVI century painting Meretskogo the Church was severely damaged by the earthquake, later they decided not to rebuild and just concealed under a layer of paint. Only in 1926, during the restoration they found M. Okunev.