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Cave Slatinski Izvor

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The biggest cave in the Republic of Macedonia - Slatinski izvor - named after the village of Slatina, near which on located. Village of Slatina is located on the left Bank of the same river in the region of Poreche. In addition Kalinskogo Izvora, on the outskirts of the village there are 4 caves: horn Slatinska, Purale, Ovcharska and Slatinska II.

Cave Slatinski izvor is a protected area included in the preliminary List of UNESCO world heritage. She appeared in the main list, it needs further study. Due to the presence of the cave, the area around it was declared a Macedonian authorities as a natural monument.

Two kilometers from the entrance to the cave Slatinski izvor are the so-called coral stalactites, which began to form in a dry environment, and then ended up in stagnant water lake basins. Now, they continue to develop in dry conditions.

The length of the cave Slatinski izvor - 4 thousand meters. The entrance to the cave, located at an altitude of 495 metres is a narrow hole with a height of 1.5 meters, which was formed by a stream flowing out of the cave. The descent into the cave complex and risky. It is only possible in summer when the Creek is shallower. But even at this time you may find that in the cave at the entrance full of water. Inside is very cold.

The cave was formed over a billion years ago in the karst rock, where there are areas of dolomitic marble. In its formation the important role played by tectonic crustal movement and river erosion. Slatinski izvor, in fact, is a long underground canal which in some places is expanding, forming large halls. After a certain length of the cave narrowed. The far part of the cave, Slavinsky izvor has not yet been studied.