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Memorial house of Mother Teresa

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Memorial Museum house of Mother Teresa was built in 2008 in Skopje - the city where she was born Agnes Gange, Boagiu that the whole world knows under the name of Mother Teresa. Place for the construction of this Museum was predetermined by history. For a long time there was a Catholic Church of the sacred Heart of Jesus, which was visited by the girl Agnes. Here she was baptized, she spent most of her free time singing in the Church choir, helped during charity dinners. The first stone in the Foundation of the future Museum was laid in the presence of many religious leaders and political leaders of Macedonia. The ceremony was also attended by ordinary citizens who came to honor the memory of a respected nun, noted for his kindness Nobel peace prize. The construction of the Museum cost 2 million euros.

A year later, the building was completed. At the opening ceremony gathered many distinguished guests including the Vatican. The Prime Minister of Skopje, made a solemn speech. Museum Mother Teresa became instantly popular. In the first few weeks it was visited by over 10 thousand people. In front of the Museum a monument to the famous nun, recognized as a Saint.

The exposition of the Memorial house of Mother Teresa consists of letters, archival documents, photographs, and personal effects Agnes Gange, Boagiu, including handwritten books, rosaries, clothes, etc. Here also recreated the room in which was growing a future Saint. On the second floor of the building is the current chapel, which is very loved by the locals.