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Mosque, Gazi Haydar Kadi

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Mosque, Gazi Haydar Kadi - Ottoman mosque in Bitola, located near the historic Hamam "Deboy" and the old market. Thanks to the harmonious simplicity and perfection of their proportions, the mosque is the most impressive monument of Islamic architecture in the city. It was built in the years 1561-1563 by means of a local judge Haydar Kadi. Its construction involved workers who worked under the supervision of the famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan.

Mosque, Gazi Haydar Kadi also known under the second name - "Princess of the Balkans". She is a typical mosque with a square base, surmounted by a dome with a height of 19 meters. It is based on a cylindrical superstructure, in turn, supported by columns. Design and decoration of the mosque is quite simple. The only decoration of the building are the stone framing the window openings. Mosque, Gazi Haydar Kadi previously had two minarets, which makes this structure unique to Macedonia. All the other mosques located on the territory of this country, have only one minaret. From the minarets in the beginning of XXI century only foundations. During the restoration, completed in 2016, was recovered only one minaret.

The interior of the mosque was seriously damaged. Many decorative elements have been irretrievably lost before restoration, which took place in 1960-1961 years under the guidance of architect Krum Tomovski. On the walls survived only some paintings that are in poor condition. After that, the mosque was again closed until 2016, when it was restored and given to believers.

Reconstruction of two mosques in Bitola, Gazi Haydar Kadi and Isaac was made possible with the support of Turkey.