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National Park Pelister

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Only 15 km from Bitola Macedonian is the oldest national Park of Pelister, which covers an area of 17150 hectares. This reserve was founded in 1948 on the wooded slopes of the Baba. The highest local mountain called Pelister, whose height is more than 2 thousand meters, attracts climbers and well-prepared tourists who want to spend a certain amount of time to climb to its top and see under my feet rustling green sea. If you look closely, you can see small droplets of blue. This lake, which are simply called Large and Small.

The lower part of the Park is located at an altitude of 891 meters, the highest is limited to the top of Pelister, which is at the level of 2601 meters.

In the reserve there is only one town - a small village, Maloviste. The locals still live in traditional old houses and are happy to accept tourists, renting them a room. If you want to live in a more comfortable environment, you can stay at specially organized recreational area, where there is a hotel, cafes and shops. By the way, this offer is especially in demand in winter, when the slopes of local mountains adorn the ski slopes.

Summer in the Park you can just walk, enjoying the beauty of nature. There are 2 types of endemic species that are found nowhere else in the world. The wildlife is diverse: there are wolves, wild cats, deer, rabbits, otters and various birds.