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Holocaust memorial center of the Jews in Macedonia

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Holocaust memorial center of the Jews in Macedonia, located in Skopje was built on the site of the former Jewish quarter. The Museum is located behind the Museum of the Macedonian battle, overlooking the Vardar river. It occupies a plot area of 2700 sq. m., making it the fourth largest in the world among similar museums. It was erected to pay tribute to 7148 local Jews who did not return from the concentration camps during the second world war. The Museum also tells the story of the Jews living in the Balkans.

The construction of the memorial complex started in 2005. On 10 March 2011, exactly 68 years after the Macedonian Jews were deported to Treblinka, took place the official opening. At the opening ceremony was attended by religious leaders and diplomats, as well as senior officials from Macedonia, Israel and other countries: Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikolai Gruevski, Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe ya'alon, the presidents of Montenegro and Albania Filip vujanović and Bamir Topi. For the first three days after the opening of the Holocaust Memorial center of the Jews in Macedonia was visited by more than 3 thousand people.

In Macedonia the beginning of the second world war, there were about 8 thousand Jews. In 1943, the majority of Macedonia's citizens of Jewish origin were arrested and transported to Skopje, where they were sent to death camps. Ago after the war no one had returned. At the Holocaust Museum presents a scary documents about this shameful Chapter in Macedonian history, personal belongings of the victims in the gas chambers, as well as 3 urns with ashes of Jews sent to Treblinka.