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The Mosque Of Isaac

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Mosque of Yitzhak çelebi Ibn ISA was built in 1506, is one of the oldest surviving mosques in Bitola. It stands opposite the Clock tower, in the quarter of Emir Bey, also known as the City of Yitzhak çelebi. This mosque was only one of the many buildings Qadi (judge) Isaac çelebi. He also financed the construction of the madrasah, 103 retail stores, 20 watermills and many other buildings. 50-meter thin minaret of the mosque dominates all the buildings in the district.

The mosque of Isaac current. It refers to the type of Friday mosques and is considered the largest in the city. It was built by the masters of the school of Edirne. According to local legend, described by the narrator Marco Cepenkov, the mosque was built on the Foundation of the Church of the Holy spirit. However, there is no archaeological evidence of the existence under the mosque remnants of the old Christian Church. About the founder of the mosque Isaac çelebi Ibn ISA is mentioned in eight poetic lines are engraved on a marble slab, whose size is 150х70 see Plate can be seen at the main portal of the mosque.

On the southern facade of the building is a sign of the architect - the turquoise star of Solomon. The mosque complex consisted of actual prayer hall, a madrasah with 10 rooms, two guest rooms, a print shop, kitchen, stables, public toilets and library, which kept volumes 275 and 3 Quran. Due to poor management of the architectural complex of all these premises eventually became dilapidated and were demolished. Left only the mosque, which survived to our time quite well. At the beginning of the 20th century it was visited by Sultan Mehmed V Reshad, for which the prayer hall was built by a Royal wooden balcony, and the walls were decorated with inscriptions with the Holy verses, made by skilled calligraphers.