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The Pella square in Skopje is decorated with a triumphal arch of marble, which local authorities called pretentious "Macedonia". In principle, such a great name is simple: considering 32 of the bas-relief of the arch, you can learn about the main historical events of Macedonia, from ancient times to the present. Also, a careful observer will notice images of the most important attractions of the country, for example, the capital of the Turkish bath of Daut Pasha, the famous monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski typical Ohrid house etc. Additional decoration of the arch are considered to be the 4 bronze statues.

The arch is 21 metres high, was built two years. Construction work worth 4.4 million euros, began in 2011. The initial opening of the monument would coincide to the pompous celebrations of the 20th anniversary of independence of the country, but the monument was not ready, so it is presented to the public in 4 months. The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister of Macedonia.

Arc de Triomphe is not just a monument erected under the program of improvement of the Macedonian capital, for both the reconstruction of old buildings and monuments and building new ones. It is a functional building, premises which are used for various purposes. So, on the first floor of the arch is a shop that sells Souvenirs. Upper floors converted into Museum space used for temporary exhibitions. On the observation deck of the arc de Triomphe can be reached by stairs or by Elevator. Locals adapted it to weddings.