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Chifte-Hammam - the former Turkish baths, located in the Central part of the Old Charshi, between the mosque Murat Pasha mosque and the caravanserai, Suli An. Nowadays Chifte-Hammam is used as an art gallery.

The name "cifte" (from Turkish "pair, deuce") Hammam received, as it refers to the type of so-called double hammams, designed for men and women. The bathing area in Chifte-Hammam, in contrast to the other Turkish baths, are common. Another name of these baths, the ISA Bey Hammam, which brings us to its Creator ISA-Bey. The famous traveler, Evlia Celebi in his notes mentioned these baths called Hammam.

Cifte a Hammam built in the second half of the XV century, thus embodying the will of the deceased ruler ISA Bey isakovic of. First, these baths are mentioned in the archive of the mosque of ISA Bey in 1531. Chifte-Hammam was seriously injured during the quake, which destroyed most of the city in 1963. Later it was rebuilt and adapted for needs of the National gallery of Macedonia whose head office is located in a former Hammam of Daut Pasha. In Cifte-the Hammam offers various temporary exhibitions. Tourists also have the opportunity during their visit to see the inner space of the famous Turkish baths.

To appreciate the architecture Chifte-Hammam now will not work, as close to him from all sides adjacent to the shops. The Hammam was built of stone and brick and adorned with two large domes and one small.

In the Central part of the Hammam was three rooms, where they maintain a high temperature. They were stone seats. Water for bathing was done in marble baths. On the women's side was a room for ritual washing of the Jews in Skopje.