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Caravanserai Kapan Han

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The building of the former caravanserai Kapan Han is located on the territory of the old Ottoman district of Skopje - the Old Charshi. It was built on the orders of the third Ottoman ruler ISA Bey in the second half of the XV century for the needs of merchants arriving with caravans in Skopje. Respected merchants needed a place to stay for the night, so directly on the market for them was built a caravanserai, a place where you could rent a room for herself and attendants, and a storage room for the goods.

The caravanserai was destroyed by an earthquake in 1555, and then suffered from a fire in 1689. It was restored, simplifying the design. The new building was created from wood. From the original building remained only the lower part. Caravanserai Kapan Han were in use before the second world war. During the earthquake of 1963, the Kapan Han has been completely destroyed. After reconstruction in 1974 started working here a popular restaurant. Several were given to various companies for offices.

The name of the caravanserai received from the Turkish word "Kapan", which stands for Cantor - large scale installed at the gate of the building or outside. They could weigh any product.

The caravanserai is a rectangular architectural complex with an area of 1066 sq. m. with a large square courtyard. It offers its guests 44 rooms. The rooms were arranged in a row on the ground floor around the perimeter of the structure. To enter the caravanserai Kapan Han was using two portals - southern and Northern. They were buried wooden doors.

Part of the Bazaar around the caravanserai called Bazaar, Kapan.