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National gallery of Macedonia

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National gallery of Macedonia is a Museum of fine arts, founded in Skopje in 1948. The oldest exhibits date back to the XIV century. The national gallery is housed in a former Hammam of Daut Pasha, is one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture in the capital of Macedonia.

The Daut Pasha Hammam, built in the XV century, located at the entrance to the Old Skopie Charsiu. Some historians believe that this building was never used as intended. This theory is confirmed by two urban legends. According to one, the heating of the Hammam demanded a large amount of firewood, and there simply was nowhere to take it: by the time the forest on the mountain Water was destroyed. A shortage of firewood and has become an obstacle to the use of the Hammam. The second legend tells the story of the daughter of Daut Pasha, which visited this Hammam before opening it. Here she was bitten by a poisonous snake and she died. Heartbroken Daut Pasha ordered the closure of the building and will never use it.

Now building with domes, each of which holes for admission of daylight, belongs to the Macedonian gallery. On the area of 900 sq m. the exhibited works of the Macedonian painters of the XIV-XX centuries. The emphasis is on modern works of art. Here you can find works of celebrities such as Nicola Martinucci and Petar Ointment. Part of the exhibition is devoted to drawings and graphics. Another section of the Museum dedicated to the works of artists from countries that were part of Yugoslavia.

Part of the collection of the National gallery of Macedonia, exhibited in the Hammam Cifte located in the Old Charshi. In the multimedia centre Mala Stanica temporary exhibitions.