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The Old Charshia

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See how people lived during the reign of the Ottomans, and now in the ancient district of Skopje called the Old Charshia. Since that time, much had changed, except that the historical buildings were renovated and in the Windows of the old shops have new goods.

In fact, the Old Charshia is a huge Eastern market, located near the Vardar river in the Old town. Venue for the fairs this area has become in the distant XII century. During the reign of the Turks trade the Old Charshia was a city within a city. On its territory there were a lot of streets built up commercial shops, craftsmen workshops and warehouses. To merchants, arriving in Skopje with their goods, do not leave it unattended and at the same time could relax after a long journey, for them right on the market was built a few distinctive Inns - caravanserais. They were provided a place to store goods. Now they have been converted into museums and offices.

In order to offer prayer to Allah, to leave the Bazaar was not necessary. In the Old Charshi for the needs of the faithful have built about 30 mosques. Many of them have survived to our time. For all the inhabitants of the Old Charshi worked hammams, water was regularly supplied from the pure springs outside the city.

Happened in the history of the Old Charshi and sad events. It was partially destroyed during the two earthquakes. One of them occurred in the second half of the XVI century, another happened in 1963. Several times the Old Charshia has been a hotbed of epidemics of plague and cholera. Residents of Skopje struggled with this radically, burning houses indiscriminately.

In our days the Old Charshia is the shopping area which are happy to walk tourists.