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Caravanserai Suli-EN

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Suli An is a former Ottoman caravanserai, located on the territory of the Old market. To get to it you can, if you enter the market from the Bit Pazar (the places where there are shops zelenshchikov). Caravanserai where merchants arriving in the city with caravans, was built in the first half of the XV century ISA Ben Isakovic. The first part of its name (Suli - translated from the Turkish "water") caravanserai received from Cerava river, which flowed on the East side of the building. Eliminating the consequences of the earthquake of 1963, the city authorities have cleaned the river underground. The total area of the caravanserai is a little more than 2 thousand sq m. Suli An was built, like other similar constructions, made of stone and bricks.

The main entrance to Suli-An is located in the Western part of the complex. There is another portal - East. From the courtyard you can get to the ground floor rooms, there are 57.

In the late XIX - early XX centuries Suli-EN ceased to perform their functions. It was turned first into a warehouse and then to the living room for the citizens. During the earthquake of 1963 that destroyed about 70% of the buildings in Skopje, the injured and the caravanserai. Its restoration began in 1972. In our time the premises Suli-Ana divide the Faculty of fine arts and the Museum of Old Charshia (market).

Museum of the Old market in Skopje was founded in may 1983 and is dedicated to the rich history of this place. His collection is demonstrated in the halls of a total area of 355 sq m. the Exposition can be divided into 4 sections: archaeological, historical, ethnological and artistic.