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The zoo in Bitola was founded on 1 may 1950 with the support of the staff of the zoos in Skopje, Zagreb, Belgrade and Subotica. It is located on the slopes of the Curb Cafe. Its area is about 2 hectares, which corresponds to modern world standards for small zoos.

One of the biggest changes in my life bitolsko zoo occurred in 2011. For the first time the existence of this institution has prepared the documentation for a full renovation. It involved the construction of 26 new enclosures for animals, as well as the creation of additional infrastructure, educational center, children's Park, restaurant, walkways, etc. In the same year the zoo in Bitola has applied for membership in the European Association of zoos and aquariums. In 2014, there were built 9 new pavilions, where he settled Fox, raccoon, bear, lynx, tigers, lions, hippopotamus, monkeys. 2 the pavilion was reserved for the ticket office and entrance to the zoo.

The local zoo has some 400 animals and 30 different species. Local activists are from time to time in the media with rhetoric about the poor conditions in which they live, the animals in the zoo in Bitola. For them there are no open cages, and cells. For representatives of the fauna are in the care of 14 staff. The zoo is managed by a Council, founded by the municipality.

During its existence the zoo's mission for conservation existing national and international biological diversity of plants and animals.