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Markov monastery

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Orthodox monastery of Saint Demetrios is located South from the village of Markov-Susice, on the left Bank of the river Markova, in the area Torbeshija. From Skopje it is situated 20 km, but to reach here by public transport will not work. Buses in Markov-Sušice not walk, so for those tourists who want to see Markov monastery, will have to either rent a car or use taxi services.

The monastery of Saint Demetrios is an example of Serbian influence in medieval Macedonian art of architecture. Monastery Church of St. Demetrius was built in 1345, as evidenced by the plaque above the South portal. Later it was rebuilt by the king vukasin. Finished the renovation and painting of the Church with frescos under the son of the ruler - king Marco. After him the monastery and received its second name. Now it is popularly known as Markova abode. On one of the walls of the temple you can see a picture of king Marko. For a long time valuable of the murals were hidden under a layer of paint. According to one of the researchers, thus the Bulgarians, who for some time were then in power, tried to hide the fact that the monastery was built by the Serbs. In the early twentieth century the frescoes were restored.

In the courtyard of the monastery stands the Church of St. Demetrios with open pavilion, which, in 1830, built at the expense of Chamsi Pasha, and an impressive bell tower. Entrance gate to the monastery is made of solid wood. On the right, just outside the gates, are utility buildings. Also in the monastery you can find a well, the old mill and the refectory, built in the form of one-nave Church with an apse. The walls of the refectory are decorated with paintings. There in the monastery and a small chapel, which was built for the ceremonies of baptism.