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Church. Panteleimon

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Church of Saint Panteleimon, which is also the Cathedral of the diocese of Vardar, located in the South-Western outskirts of the city of Veles, on the right Bank of the Vardar river, a few hundred meters from the city buildings. The area selected for the construction of the Church, hilly, uneven. On the West side of the temple is the mountain of Vrsnik. For this reason, during the construction of the Cathedral Foundation on the East side was fortified with a stone wall, as is done when building mountain fortresses. For many years there is a possibility of landslides from the mountain above the Church. Then the sacred structure would be buried under earth and stones. To solve this problem, the plan to build a wall / prop.

The Church was built in 1840 by a famous architect who designed churches in Macedonia and in the Balkans, Andrew Damianova, assisted by his brothers, born in the village Papradishte. In the courtyard of the Cathedral at the entrance in 1904-1905 was built the bell tower and to the right of it appeared a few utility buildings, which are used for different purposes. The temple has two portals, located in the Northern and southern facades.

Church of St. Panteleimon is a large three-nave Basilica with two-storied galleries. Decorative elements in its interior is designed in the Byzantine and Baroque styles. The Church is known for its excellent acoustics. According to opinions of some researchers, has been achieved, thanks to embedded in the walls of ceramic vessels and the use of the clear shell in the mortar.

Near the Church is the tomb of the famous Macedonian revolutionary Mile Pop Yordanov.