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The Fortress Markovi Kuli

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Fortress Mark Cooley, also referred to as Markov Towers, is located on the mountain near the town Prilep. Rise to the historic ruins starts from prilepsko district Varosha, which was once a village founded in the late XIV century after the destruction by the Turks fortifications, the Markov Cooley. At the beginning of the winding along the hillside roads the traveler passes the source of St. Nicholas, whose water is considered curative, as the nearest consecrated by the monks of the Abbey.

The official name of the fortress above the town of Prilep. In Byzantine times it was called, Prilepin. Mark Cooley and mark the city - is the popular name of the castle which was the centre of the possessions of king Marko - Prilepsko Kingdom. The fortress was probably built in the X century, in the era of the first Bulgarian Kingdom.

In 1358, some historical sources mention vukasin of Mrnjavcevic as the great Governor of this fortress. Later, after his death at the battle of Chernomen, the castle was owned by his son of the Serbian king Marko.

The citadel, the Markov Cooley built at the peak Krupnik mountain range, towering over Prelepom. The castle was built thus to combine the four peaks of the ridge into a single system of fortifications. There are three rings of fortified walls with tens of towers. The outer wall was built over the precipice. In some places, the preserved fragments with a height of 8 meters. The average wall built between the two peaks. It previously had five defensive towers. Survived to our days only one with a height of 13 meters. There was a water tank, which was used by the inhabitants of the Fort. The highest part of the residential castle at the peak of the Krupnik - tower dungeon.