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The city Museum of Berovo

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To own the city Museum, the inhabitants of the town of Berovo are treated with great warmth, as a building which is his exposition, is one of the most recognizable city buildings. It was built in the late XIX century to the 80-ies of the last century was used for administrative purposes. It consistently occupied school, court, library. Unfortunately, after such intensive use of an old building right in the centre of Berovo, on the verge of destruction. Past it was dangerous to walk because at any moment it could collapse.

In cooperation with private organizations "Ambrosia" and "Berani" and supported by the world Bank, the city managed to restore the mansion. Now it is a Museum depicting the history of the town of Berovo and the people who lived here. The basis of the collection of the Museum are exhibits that previously belonged to the monastery of St. Michael the Archangel. Later the exposition was updated with new artifacts. On the first floor of the building shown archival documents and objects telling about the activities of prominent local natives: Ilya Voyvoda, Nikolay Rusin, Dmitry Popgeorgieva and others.

In addition, the Museum presents ancient and medieval coins found during archaeological excavations. They are better than any words tell about economic development of the region Malesevija, and of the existence of Roman settlements in the region.

Several of the Museum halls occupied by the ethnological collection. It recreates the living room of a traditional house in Malesevi and the forge, has a collection of old costumes worn by local farmers in the past centuries. There is a good collection of jewelry, ceramics, musical instruments created malishevskij masters.