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Museum Of The Macedonian Struggle

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For official delegations visiting Macedonia, he always prepared a cultural program. One point in it is unchanged since 2011. This visit to the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle. The Museum building overlooks the quay of the river Vardar. To find this establishment near the main local attractions are marked on the arms of the city are the Stone bridge.

The construction of the Museum began in 2008. The new Museum project was developed by architect Zoran Jordanovski. The construction of a rather impressive building and its decor has cost Macedonia to 12 million euros. The building itself was worth 5.2 million. Furniture, lighting and design showcases had to spend 1.5 million. The remaining funds were spent on collecting and creating the exhibits associated with the revolutionary action in Macedonia. The Grand opening was timed to the celebrations on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the country. The Declaration of Independence occupies a Central place in the exposition of the new Museum.

The Museum is dedicated to the revolutionary struggle of the Macedonian people for statehood and autonomy from the era of the Ottomans to the present day. It consists of 13 permanent exhibitions. A large part of the exhibits are wax figures depicting revolutionaries, public figures, politicians. In addition, the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle stored documents, weapons, flags, maps, books, photos, art paintings created by artists from France, Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria.

In the lecture hall of the Museum often hosts various conferences and seminars. The exhibition of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle will be of interest to anyone interested in history.