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The ruins of the ancient Tauresium

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Tauresium, also known as Gradiste, is an archaeological zone located about 20 km South-East from Skopje. This ancient city known as the birthplace of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian and the leader of the Ostrogoths Theodahad. The site is located near the village of Taor in the municipality between Zelenikovo. Ruins of ancient city discovered by English Explorer Arthur Evans in the early twentieth century.

Probably Tauresium was founded in the IV century BC This period date from, for example, the ruins of a fortress found here. The strengthening consisted of a castle with corner towers and one Bastion. It occupies an area of 2.2 hectares.

Theodahad was born in Tauresium in 480 BC. Just two years later was born and Justinian descended from the Thracian peasants, who later became Emperor of Byzantium.

Tauresium the city was destroyed in an earthquake in 518 year. At the same time affected and neighbouring village Sparingly. People came back here, rebuilt the house, but were forced to withdraw finally, when frequent raids of the hostile Slavic tribes, which remained there for a long time. Since then, the city for many centuries was abandoned.

Scientists conducting excavations on the territory Tauresium, failed to detect the layers of the three settlements of different historical periods. The earliest dated to the Eneolithic. Here also were found the remains of the aqueduct, the ancient necropolis, part of the marble bust and the coins which were produced by local rulers between the IV and VI centuries. Another important discovery are the pillars once supporting the arch of an early Christian Basilica.