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Central market is located in the historic center of Kuala Lumpur, one kilometer from the Central railway station and very close to Chinatown. This is one of the most visited places of the capital - and as an architectural landmark of colonial times, and as a center of entertainment and shopping.

The market appeared as a grocery just three decades after the founding of the city in 1888. And immediately became famous as a place where they sell the fresh fish. In 1937 a building was constructed for merchants Handicrafts. They arrive at the capital market from all over Malaysia.

The market functioned without interruption until the end of the last century, when the authorities decided to move the food from the old center. The Central market has been recognized as a valuable monument of colonial architecture. It was reconstructed and equipped with modern equipment and air conditioners, and retain the character and unique Asian charm.

In the new version the emphasis was on the multi-ethnic Malaysia.

Since the beginning of 2000-x years the Central market has become a multicultural center of folk art with craftsmen workshops, art shops and souvenir shops. Commercial space equipped with all ethnic groups. The market is Strait Chinese, Indian lane, etc. that Together create one big fair of folk crafts spanning the entire first floor of the market. Here you can buy local paintings, pottery, traditional clothing, handmade batik and wood etc And also to observe the work of artists, see the process of manufacturing a variety of Souvenirs.

The second floor of the market is a large food court with many restaurants and cafes offering every variety of Asian cuisine.

Best time to visit the market - night, when the art market is added to the tent with food, equipment. And on the stage next to the market concerts, dance and theatrical performances.

Collected around various places thematically continue the concept of the market. Next, in the gallery of modern art are fashion shows, art exhibitions and installations. Around the market has shops of famous brands. There is a small new market, Kasturi walk, in the shops where you can find goods much cheaper.